Welcome to Happy Home Animal Sanctuary

Amber Snethen

Amber Snethen

Happy Home Animal Sanctuary is a no-kill, no-cage, non-profit organization dedicated to saving the lives of abandoned and homeless cats and dogs. We have been happily serving the Southern Nevada area since 1997.

Our mission is to offer care and a peaceful living environment for abused, aged or homeless animals. We provide an open space facility where these “special needs” animals can be provided with medical care, love, and attention that will ultimately lead to their adoption. If an adoption isn’t possible, the sanctuary provides a lifetime refuge for these animals.

Our goal is to protect the welfare of the animals and to promote the humane treatment and well being of these animals by:

  • Providing shelter and medical care for stray or abandoned animals.
  • Responding with personal commitment, humane sensitivity, compassion, and technical skill to the needs of these animals.
  • Actively promoting suitable adoptions of the animals.
  • Encouraging the spay and neutering of dogs and cats to ensure the numbers of unwanted animals be kept to a minimum.
  • Helping to prevent cruelty to animals by promoting animal welfare legislation and public education.

We are an all-volunteer group with no paid staff and as a result, we rely solely on adoption fees, donations and the generosity of cat and dog lovers around the world to continue our efforts. If you love cats & dogs, like we do, and support the humane treatment of them, we would encourage you to visit our donation page to learn more about how you can help.

Thank you for stopping by and we hope to see you again.

Amber Snethen

Happy Home Animal Sanctuary is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.  All donations are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law.  A receipt for your donation will be available upon pick-up or drop-off.

Dog Adoptions Return to PetSmart

Dog Adoptions at PetSmart

Happy Home Animal Sanctuary’s adoptable dogs have returned to PetSmart, 9869 S Eastern Avenue, Las Vegas. Dogs, cats, puppies and kittens are together at this location every Saturday and Sunday, 11 am to 4 pm. Come visit us and take home a new furry friend.

Long Lost Cat Lived Tangled in His Collar

Owners Do Not Want Him Back

  Chadwick073633 Chadwick192537

Chadwick is a Maine Coon. He is a friendly, sweet kitty that loves attention. He was found outside an office with a collar wrapped from around his neck to under his armpit. He was taken to the vet and had to have over 100 stitches. He is healing up very well and just wants to find his forever home where he can get some love and scratches. His owners had adopted him a year ago and only had him a month when he went missing. They have since moved to another state and do not want him back.

YOU made it a Success!


Happy Home Animal Sanctuary wishes to thank everyone who participated in and supported our 2nd Annual Happy Hour Fundraiser at the Blue Martini. Especially the Blue Martini for allowing us to have our fundraiser at their establishment. Your support helped us raise $6000 that will go toward the many needs of the sanctuary animals. It is because of your generosity and goodwill that our organization is able to continue our important work. Please accept our heartfelt appreciation for your thoughtfulness and generosity.

We also want to thank Nicole Kerns & the Whiskey Band for donating their time to help make our fundraiser a success. It was wonderful having such amazing talent be a part of our fundraiser. A fun time was had by all.

We also want to thank the following raffle and silent auction donors:

AEG Live Las Vegas
Becky Cowper – Scentsy
Big Bus Double Decker Sightseeing Tour
Blue Martini
Cathy Vandivort
Cheryl Collins
CSI Experience
Ginger & Robert Mudry
Grouchy John’s Coffee Shop
Hard Rock Hotel & Casino
Kelly VanDahl
Linda Cheek
Michele Winsten
Mob Museum
Monica Symonds
Morris Frame & Décor
Outback Steakhouse
Pete Rose & Mike Maguire
Planet Fitness
Rose Gong
Samy’s Grooming Salon
Sin City Nails
Soggy Dog
Tina Tapan of Salon Studios Galleria
Tommy Vinci – Cartoonman
Trader Joe’s

Happy Hour Fundraiser at Blue Martini

Blue Martini Fundraiser

Happy Home Animal Sanctuary

Presents Our 2nd Annual

Happy Hour Fundraiser at Blue Martini Town Square

When: Saturday, July 26
Where: Blue Martini at Town Square Las Vegas
Time: 5:30 – 8:00 PM
Tickets are $17 per person in advance or $20 per person day of the event.
Each guest receives a complimentary drink ticket.
Martinis include Cosmo, Lemondrop, Apple, Chocolate, & Blue Martini.

Complimentary appetizers from 5:30 – 6:30 PM.

PLUS Live Entertainment from 5:30 – 7:00 PM
Provided by Nicole Kerns & The Whiskey Band.

To purchase tickets online visit: http://bluemartinihappyhourfundraiser.eventbrite.com

100% of all ticket proceeds, silent auction and raffle donations will go to Happy Home Animal Sanctuary, an all-volunteer, no-kill, no-cage, Southern Nevada animal rescue.


 whiskeybandwhiskeybandphoto  BlueMartini

Pair of Puppies Rescued from Heat, Ant Bites


Brother and sister were rescued from a back yard. Their mother was taken away from them too soon. They were left to fend for themselves in temperatures over 100 degrees. Ants attacked their tiny bodies. When found, the puppies were covered with bite wounds. One of them may lose vision in one eye.

The puppies are now in the care of one of Happy Home’s pet foster parents. They are being taken for veterinary visits as they recover.

Happy Home is depending on the generosity of people who believe in our mission to assist with the cost of caring for these babies. Any amount is greatly appreciated.

Please donate to this special fund with PayPal on PetCaring.com or visit our Donations page. Thank you!

Update 07/14/14:
It is becoming apparent that the little girl (Helen Keller) may be completely blind while the little boy (Stevie Wonder) has decent vision in one eye. When they are in their play area at home, Helen is very comfortable and you can’t even tell she has a handicap. However, when she is in unfamiliar territory (like outside in a large yard), it is obvious she can’t see and doesn’t know what to do. And her big brother just runs away from her to have his own fun leaving her sitting and waiting for help. And although their hair is now “peach fuzz”, they still have indication of skin infection so they are back on antibiotics.

Adoptions Now at Two Locations

Happy Home Animal Sanctuary now holds adoption hours each weekend at two south Las Vegas locations.

PetSmartCats and kittens can be adopted at Petsmart in the Target plaza at the corner of Eastern & Silverado Ranch.


Petco_logoDogs, puppies, and our youngest kittens can be adopted at Petco in the Walmart plaza at the corner of Eastern & Serene.


Visit us this weekend and take home a new furry friend!

Nevada’s Big Give: April 25th, 2014

Nevada's Big GiveThis April 25th thousands of Nevadans are going to show their support for their favorite nonprofit during Nevada’s Big Give. Will you be one of them?

Without your donations, we would not be able to continue our lifesaving work.

Here are just a few of the 100’s of rescues we help with each year through our organization.

Chimney Cricket

Chimney Cricket had fallen down a chimney and had to have her leg amputated at the hip.

BJ Before

BJ was the victim of a hit and run that shattered his jaw. This is a picture before the vet helped out.

BJ After

A happy BJ now!

Forrest Gump

4 day old Forrest Gump was attached to his deceased sibling and the decaying of that sibling severely injured his leg. One of our volunteers came to the rescue, separated them and took Forrest Gump to the vet where they took care of his infected leg.


Scarlett after her hip surgery.

Your generous donations will help us with our ever growing vet bills and help us buy food and supplies for the animals at the sanctuary.

For as little as $10, you can help with our mission to offer care and a peaceful living environment for abused, physically handicapped, aged or homeless animals.

To donate, please visit

And always remember to Give where you live!