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  1. 9/26/2014
    We have a stray cat black and white in color.This cat has wandered into our life and visit” s us dailly…and we have fallen in love with this little cuttie.
    We can not afford to keep her. Our apartment policy for animals is a $250.00 deposit and $30.00 per month and a additional $250.00.
    Unfortunately we live on Social Security as our only income. I am Handicapped Permanent and require a walker to get around.

    We contacted Animal Foundation and they have been full of cat’s and are not taking in any at this time.
    Could you call me to arrange for a pick up of this little cat.If we could handle these fees we would keep her. Her name is Diesel (after her father which went missing ???). All we want is a good home for her.
    Pls call me or my wife to arrange for a pickup date and time.
    We live at Savannah Apts, and our phone number is 702-622-0132 (Jack) and 702-672-5636 for (Barbara).
    Please call us asap to take care of this personal matter.
    Thank You Jack M. Hope

  2. Hello Jack and Barbara,
    Your message will be forwarded to Amber, who manages the intake of all animals. She may be out at the sanctuary in Searchlight today, where there is no cell phone reception, but she will call you to talk about the cat when she can. Thank you.

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