Animal Cruelty Punishment Doesn’t Seem To Match the Crime

According to a report from KVBC news in a discussion with Clark County Animal Control agent Greg Wallen, animal cruelty cases are not that uncommon. In fact, they receive around 4,000 animal cruelty calls a year in Clark County and about 600, or 15%, result in a prosecution.

Though these crimes seem incredibly heinous and unbelievable, the punishment for them is nothing more than a misdemeanor… yes you read that right just a misdemeanor. According to Wallen, the penalty only carries a 6 month jail term and/or a $1,000 fine.

If a senseless, heartless, torturous crime like this was done to a human, the perpetrator would never see their freedom again. Yet our innocent and defenseless animals can be entombed in a block wall and left to suffer and die and the penalty is just a slap on the hand… really unbelievable.

In order to make a change to the severity of these crimes, your voice must be heard. Call your representative, let them know how you feel, and maybe we can collectively make a difference.


Animal Cruelty Punishment Doesn’t Seem To Match the Crime — 1 Comment

  1. I think animal cruelty punishments should be way more harsh then what they are now. When it come to living and breathing creatures – whether people or animals, abuse and cruelty punishment sentences should be on the same level. What is wrong with this world when a person can abuse a tiny animal and just get a slap on the wrist for it – this justice system needs to be harsher on these animal abusers and haters! This mans fine and sentence should be way worse then what he “might” get. Someone has to stand up for animals and I am glad all the animal lovers are speaking up! I say put him in a hollow wall and fill it with the same insolation foam he used on those cats! thats justice for me.

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