Suspect Arrested in Kitten Entombment Case

KVBC News reported that Richard Lee Carter was arrested June 5th in connection with the Kitten Entombment case which took place on June 1st. Police said that he was a maintenance worker at the local apartment complex.
He is alleged to have sealed the kittens into a block wall using urethane foam for reasons unknown at this point.
Five […]

Animal Cruelty Punishment Doesn’t Seem To Match the Crime

According to a report from KVBC news in a discussion with Clark County Animal Control agent Greg Wallen, animal cruelty cases are not that uncommon. In fact, they receive around 4,000 animal cruelty calls a year in Clark County and about 600, or 15%, result in a prosecution.
Though these crimes seem incredibly heinous and unbelievable, the […]

Kittens Rescued From Block Wall in Las Vegas

On June 1, 2008, volunteers of Happy Home Animal Sanctuary were notified of a serious situation at a Las Vegas apartment complex. When the volunteers arrived, what they found was horrifying. Six young kittens had been sealed into a block wall using urethane foam, a type of insulation that hardens around anything it touches.
The volunteers […]