Donations Welcome

For an all-volunteer, non-profit organization like ours, we are only here and able to continue this great work because of your generous donations.

When most people think of donations, they immediately think of cash; however, donations for Happy Home Animal Sanctuary come in several different breeds.

  • Cash – cash donations are always welcome and needed. There are certain things you just can’t do without cash in hand. Think about trying to pay the vet with a bag of dry dog food for his/her services… I don’t think that would go over very well.
  • Materials, Supplies, & Services – rather than give cash, some people would rather buy something tangible that we can use to support the animals. It may be some dog or cat food, some litter for the kitties, or maybe some water/food bowls and some toys. Some people or companies might have special skills that could be used to improve the sanctuary (i.e. construction, surveying, grading, etc.). Every little bit helps and we welcome your generosity to help us improve the lives of the animals.
  • Time – This is the big intangible donation and is something that every one of has an equal amount of … 24 hours every day. But it is also one of the hardest things for us to give. Many of our volunteers give up 10+ hours each weekend to help us with our adoptions while others help during the week managing our feral colonies and trapping animals so they can be fixed. Our foster families open up their homes to strange and unfamiliar animals to help them progress to the point of being adopted and finding their “forever” family.

If you are in a position to help, we would be very grateful for anything that you can offer.

  • To make a standard monetary donation, please make the check payable to Happy Home Animal Sanctuary and mail it to P.O. Box 742, Searchlight NV 89046.
  • To make an online monetary donation, please use one of the links below. We use PayPal for all of our online monetary donations, so you know it will be safe and secure.

One Time Donations
$25 – Helps us buy food and litter.
$50 – Helps us get medicine & vaccines.
$75 – Helps to neuter a dog or cat.
$100 – Helps to spay a dog or cat.
Other Amount – Every little bit helps!

Want to help all year long? Sign up for a Donation Subscription today!

Donation Subscriptions
$5 Monthly Subscription.
$10 Monthly Subscription.
$25 Monthly Subscription.
$50 Monthly Subscription.
$75 Monthly Subscription.
$100 Monthly Subscription.
$250 Monthly Subscription.
$500 Monthly Subscription.