Don’t Get In The Way Of Hungry Kittens!

I know we talked about feeding time before, but I thought I would touch upon the topic again. I have a new picture, and some video footage which is absolutely hillarious. As the kittens have gotten healthier and larger, their zeal for food has reached dizzying new heights.

As I mentioned before, I feed the kittens by preparing their food on a large platter. Since I got tired of them climbing up my legs while I prepare their food–one actually made it all the way to the counter, once!–I don’t let them out of the bathroom until after I put the platter on the floor.

Honestly, the commotion they raise while waiting for me to open the door is completely over the top. How is it possible that kittens so small can make such loud meows? And the pawing at the door! It sounds like a pack of wolves in there!

Kittens under the door.Just take a look at this picture of the kittens, their little paws reaching under the door. Look at Ranger (I think!) on the left in mid-meow. I believe that is Butterfly next to him trying to shove her face through the one inch gap between the door and the floor. Goodness only knows who is on the right. Victoria? Grace? Either way, I can’t find words to describe the fuss she was making. These kittens are serious about their food!

When I finally do open the door, the kittens literally pour out. All of them. At the same time. They don’t even wait for the door to open more than three inches before they dive out of there. The last time I fed them, I actually think I heard a sonic boom as they flew past my feet.

If you watch carefully… and don’t blink!–you will see that this time, Grace was the first to get to the food dish. Usually it is Twitch and Floyd. Grace must have used some sort of trickery to beat those two! They are almost always first on the food, and the last off.

After feeding, they usually start playing. Well, they visit the litter box first. Almost all at once, too, so generally I am frantically trying to clean out the box before they get there. I promise, however, I will spare pictures and any further description of that particular activity!

For the next post, I want to try to capture some action shots of them playing. I would have done it already, but it is actually pretty difficult to catch them doing something cute. You think you got the shot of Lucky in mid-air, just about to land on Victoria, but all you manage to catch is Luck’s behind as he tumbles to the floor. Time to charge up my “good” camera, and maybe call National Geographic for some hints…


Don’t Get In The Way Of Hungry Kittens! — 3 Comments

  1. Blessings for taking care of these poor kittens!

    I can’t help but notice the identical “Donate” buttons on your site & Richard Carter’s! I will be making a donation to Happy Home, and not the sicko who almost killed these little babies!

  2. I just had to comment, as I’m also a volunteer at a (probably smaller) cat shelter. It’s so small that I know all the cats, and should know all their tricks, but one, a shoulder cat, perpetually tries to slither down my arm into the food bucket if I’m trying to actually do food with him on my shoulder. Three others, brothers, have leapt from a countertop onto the food dish I’m carrying in my hand, flooring me and the food. I was reduced to hysterical laughter.

    Cats and food… It’s amazing. It’s one of the only ways I can get the kittens to hold still long enough that I can clean for a few minutes, put some food in front of them, first.

    Keep up the good work.

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