Is Life Truly Like a Box of Chocolates?

The Story of One Kitten’s Will to Live

Forrest T Gump 2My name is Forrest Gump. I am very lucky to be alive. When I came into this world, it was in the backyard of a nice lady who works at a local school. She feeds a colony of feral cats, all fixed but one. My mama has eluded capture for two years.

Right away the lady knew something was wrong. I’ll say! I was attached to my sibling on one side, and on the other side of my brother or sister was another kitten who looked attached too. Now what?

The nice lady works with a volunteer of Happy Home Animal Sanctuary. She called, and along came Pam to the rescue. She carefully cleaned us up and got us unattached. Sorry to say, the kitten in the middle had passed away. Pam took the three of us home to be our new mommy.

Sadly, my leg had become infected and I had to be taken to the vet. On the way one of my other siblings passed on. I was not liking my first days so far.

Now there are two of us left. I go to the vet every few days to have my leg looked at and re-bandaged. My new mommy has her hands full bottle feeding us, but it’s truly an act of love.Forrest T Gump

The vet bills are mounting. If anyone out there wants to give to a good cause, please think of Happy Home Animal Sanctuary.

Thank you for reading my little story.

Forrest Gump


Story written by Melinda D.; photographs by Pam S.


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  1. I will help again this week i love to help this little baby’s. I will donate again today with Paypal. It will show as ServAllOne but its from Lawrence Collins and Robbie Taroy we both got our pets from Happy Home and we understand. Thanks for doing so much for our little pets who are not as lucky as others. Glad to see we can help.

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