Kittens Rescued From Block Wall in Las Vegas

Abused KittenOn June 1, 2008, volunteers of Happy Home Animal Sanctuary were notified of a serious situation at a Las Vegas apartment complex. When the volunteers arrived, what they found was horrifying. Six young kittens had been sealed into a block wall using urethane foam, a type of insulation that hardens around anything it touches.

The volunteers were able to rescue the kittens, but unfortunelately one was lost due to the damage from the foam insulation. They worked long through the night trying to clean up and stablize the remaining kittens and the work continues today.Tomb in Wall

The event was covered on Las Vegas channel 3 KVBC yesterday afternoon and their article can be found at


We will be posting more information about the kittens and their recovery, so please check back soon… or better yet, register as a member of our blog.


Kittens Rescued From Block Wall in Las Vegas — 11 Comments

  1. Poor little kitties! Some people are so cruel. Hope they are penalized in some way for their actions.

  2. Hi, I am an active member of APCSA and this organization works against animal cruelty. If you need any help, please contact them. That is what they are there for.

    Also, I would like to commend these people for what they are doing. Not everyone can be this dedicated for any cause, but to be there for animals is wonderful. I must say that their courage and passion will go a long way in helping these kittens, and all animals that come thru their doors. I wish them the best of luck in their adventure and bless them for being who they are. God Bless everyone.

  3. Hi Pop and Amber, I am so grateful that you and your team are able to help so many animals. This story broke my heart. It is not often that we hear terrible stories like this, a few that you’ve told, but his takes the cake, and for it to be on the news?!? What a great way to get your rescue efforts noticed and appreciated! I am glad it is you and your team taking care of these babies, because I know how spoiled and completely loved they will be!!! Thank you for all you do! I love you guys!

  4. to everyone at happy home…thank you for everything that you do! i hope all the recent press will inspire people to open their minds (and wallets) to help this very noble cause.

    Thank you!

  5. I am glad the guy was arrested, he obviously has some serious issues. It is so sad some of the things people do in our world today, there are so many people who would have adopted the kittens there was no reason for this cruelty

  6. I wanted to post a reply. I live in the complex where the cats were rescued. I have been here five years and it’s been a problem with feral cats the whole time. They love to live in the wall close to the dumpsters. I worry constantly they will get run over or get scared and jump on a child. The number of cats has increased significantly and they use the bathroom anywhere and everywhere. The management has done nothing to help the problem. I love cats, adore animals, but feral cats can be scary and dangerous. I certainly can’t agree with the “solution” that was put in place here, but I also can’t believe this man did it entirely maliciously. More likely it was ill-thought out and he might have assumed they would all run. I am deeply saddened by the whole situation. I am thankful at least the kittens will find a better home than they ever had here. I think a bit of sympathy never goes amiss even for someone who appears to have done a very, very awful thing. His life is most likely in shambles over it. I knew him. He was a very nice person and I will choose to believe he made a very, very bad stupid mistake. Not to sidestep punishment, but again, compassion extends to all. The kittens really are far better off. In the past most of them died early in life. They are much, much better off now. Thankful for that …

  7. I am absolutely disguested to know that there are people out there that can be so cruel and inhumain. Awesome recovery and good luck in your future rescues. The work you do is wonderful.

  8. Great job Happy Home Animal Sanctuary.

    I have been following the progress of these wonderful kittens since you rescued them.

    Their casefile has been added to our database at The National Animal Abuse Registry.

    I feel so sorry for the kitten that had to be euthanized but know that you did the best you could for the little one.

    Again great job.

    Roni Mccall
    Executive Directory
    Through Their Eyes,
    The National Animal Abuse Registry

  9. Here it is 8 years that the two foam kittens I have had a b’day. Lovely(Butterfly) and Phoebe are doing so well and they are happy and loved, but they also give that back to me. They now have company, we moved in with my son and his cats and they are all one big happy family. Thanks again for all the love and care you give the animals Happy Home Animal Sanctuary!!!

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