Pair of Dogs Abandoned behind Shopping Center

Marshall2015032901SUNDAY, MARCH 29:  Marshall and his friend, a Pomeranian, were found in a crate next to a dumpster at Petsmart this morning. He was covered with clumps of dried feces, matted, and his nails were so overgrown that they curved over and some were embedded in his paws. The Pomeranian, who is micro-chipped, was taken by Animal Control so they can try to locate the owner.



Marshall20150401WEDNESDAY, APRIL 1:  Marshall has been neutered, shaved down, and had a few teeth removed. His nails were so overgrown that one had grown into his pad and was growing out the other end. We are waiting for some test results to see if the tumor that was removed is cancerous or not. We should be getting his Pom friend (that was found with him) from the shelter tomorrow.

If you can help with the veterinary bills, please donate using the Donate tab or mail to PO Box 742, Searchlight NV 89046.


Here is Angus, the Pomeranian friend of Marshall. The two were abandoned in a crate next to a dumpster. Angus is about 7 years old. Both dogs are ready for adoption.



Pair of Dogs Abandoned behind Shopping Center — 2 Comments

  1. I am very interested in Angus. I have a 5 year old black pom and we lost Taz her pal about a year and a half ago. She needs a friend.

  2. Thank you for your interest in adopting a dog. This story was posted on April 1st and both dogs have been adopted. Please visit us in Petsmart at Eastern Av and Silverado Ranch Rd during adoption hours, or see our adoptable pets by clicking on the link on the right side of our web page.

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