Pair of Puppies Rescued from Heat, Ant Bites


Brother and sister were rescued from a back yard. Their mother was taken away from them too soon. They were left to fend for themselves in temperatures over 100 degrees. Ants attacked their tiny bodies. When found, the puppies were covered with bite wounds. One of them may lose vision in one eye.

The puppies are now in the care of one of Happy Home’s pet foster parents. They are being taken for veterinary visits as they recover.

Happy Home is depending on the generosity of people who believe in our mission to assist with the cost of caring for these babies. Any amount is greatly appreciated.

Please donate to this special fund with PayPal on or visit our Donations page. Thank you!

Update 07/14/14:
It is becoming apparent that the little girl (Helen Keller) may be completely blind while the little boy (Stevie Wonder) has decent vision in one eye. When they are in their play area at home, Helen is very comfortable and you can’t even tell she has a handicap. However, when she is in unfamiliar territory (like outside in a large yard), it is obvious she can’t see and doesn’t know what to do. And her big brother just runs away from her to have his own fun leaving her sitting and waiting for help. And although their hair is now “peach fuzz”, they still have indication of skin infection so they are back on antibiotics.


Pair of Puppies Rescued from Heat, Ant Bites — 4 Comments

  1. I gave 100.00 this is all I can afford at this time not working and things tight. But I love what you do so it’s worth it to me to give what I can.

  2. I wish I could donate now but I have 6 cats of my own…maybe next month i’ll see what I can do. I also take care of 5 non-feral cats outside that people have left behind; all very sweet, most fixed, in need of forever homes; in central Las Vegas; too many have got hit by cars… I can’t bear to find another one like that. *1 Maine Coon momma cat; 3 grey tabby; 1 tab/calico mix; 1 b/w ‘sylvester’ type left to fend for himself, in bad need of proper nutrition.

  3. there’s also a male yellow tabby thats seen better days, always looks beaten up and dirty; probably never has known love but by me..has a sad look all the time. probably could be tamed enough to be a house cat. can someone please come and rescue him from such a crappy life, he’s a sweet cat and deserves better. I have pics of all of them.

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