Rescued Kittens Get a Bath!

Wet KittensHappy Home Animal Sanctuary is pleased to announce that four of the five surviving kittens, which were foamed into the wall at the apartment complex, are completely foam free! Even better, they just endured their first bath. A fifth kitten, who was trapped on site but was not covered with foam, was also bathed.

We snapped this post-bath photo of the soggy kittens. From the top left, we have Grace, Victoria and Ranger. Grace was not covered with foam, but she sure needed a bath! In the middle center is Twitch. Floyd is on the bottom.

It was somewhat cathartic for us to finally get a chance to give everyone a bath. We’ve been picking foam off the poor guys for a solid week, so the bath gave use some sense of closure. The kittens, on the other hand, we’re slightly less appreciative of the whole bathing experience. They were happy to finally be clean, though, and spent the next thirty minutes purring while grooming each other. We don’t have the heart to tell them that we think they’re going to need another bath…

Grace and Floyd during their bath.If you’ve never given a kitten a bath before, the progression is generally this: You place the kitten gently in the water. This amuses the kitten, and they’ll usually paw around for a moment. After about five seconds of pawing, the kitten is no longer amused. As you can see in this picture of Grace and Floyd, the sense of amusement is clearly gone.

The kitten, deciding that being in water is not something a kitten generally wants to do, then attempts to leave the water. Unfortunately, this is not an option, so you do your best to keep them in the tub. This is where you get wet.

Victoria and Twitch, clearly happy with their bath.After applying kitten-shampoo to your wet and unamused kittens, you begin working it through their fur. At this point, however, the kittens have probably decided that you need to participate in their bath as well. You are now wet and soapy. Kittens are still unamused, which you can clearly see by Victoria and Twitch’s unamused expressions.

A very soapy Ranger.In the end, however, they resigned themselves to their soapy situation. In this picture, Ranger seems quite soapy and resigned.

Now that they are all squeaky clean, the next step for these five is a vet appointment to make sure they are healthy and to get their first kitten shots. Providing that all is well, they will receive a second kitten shot in four weeks. As for when they will be ready for adoption, that is hard to tell. They won’t be ready until they have been fixed, and they need to be three pounds for that. Considering how they eat, however, they are all well on their way!

We will keep everyone updated on this blog, and I’ll try to post a few more pictures of them playing and being kittens in the next few days. They are a pretty fun bunch, and we’re starting to see some really neat personalities.


Rescued Kittens Get a Bath! — 2 Comments

  1. It’s good to see them doing well after such a horrible ordeal! As for kitten baths, I think that was described quite eloquently. Mine always wanted to give me kitten scratch size souvenirs.

  2. I saw this story soon after the event, and am happy to find they are doing well. Thank you for your serving those who need it.

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