Resued Kittens Feeding Time

Rescued kittens feeding time!Now that we have the serious stuff out of the way, I want to talk about feeding time. The kittens receive a mixture of wet and dry food. As soon as the first can is opened, the meowing begins. We carefully spread the wet food around the edge of a large dish, mixing in a healthy portion of dry. Generally when the plate gets about a foot off the floor, we have at least two kittens hanging on the edge and the other six sitting on the floor meowing loudly.

As soon as the plate hits the floor, food begins to fly. The floor is covered in food. The kittens are covered in food. We’re covered in food. This is when personalities really start to show. Floyd and Twitch usually battle for the center of the dish, getting their legs and bellies completely covered. Grace can be pretty pushy as well, shoving aside her more polite litter-mates.

Lucky, on the other hand, gingerly picks at his food. He’s not particularly fond of the dry, so he attempts to eat around it. Victoria quietly takes her fill, ignoring the melee around her.

After several minutes of picking up kittens and putting them back in position around the dish, most of the food is pretty much picked clean. Kittens start wandering off–tracking food with them–to find a place to relax or play. Except for Twitch. Twitch likes to eat. A lot. I swear, he was so full last night we thought he was going to burst!

Check back tomorrow as I am going to make a post about the new kittens. They are all cute as buttons, but you’ll have to wait until tomorrow to see their pictures! Until then, I’ll be picking cat food out of my hair…


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