Resued Kittens Visit The Vet

We had some good news after the rescued kittens’ vet visit… they were all deemed healthy enough for their first vaccination. They also tested negative for FeLV (Feline Leukemia Virus), which is a very good thing! In a few weeks, they will have their second vaccination and we’ll have a better idea when they can be spayed and neutered.

We also had a few new additions to the litter. Sierra was the first kitten which helped bring this mess to our attention. She was in the care of Amber Snethen, the president of Happy Home Animal Sanctuary. Butterfly was trapped near the infamous foamed wall, and she is clearly part of the same litter. Finally, Lucky was picked up yesterday from the complex. A resident found him roaming around the wall as well. If you’re keeping track, that makes for eight kittens in this litter.

Lucky was particularly lucky… hence the name :-). He had a bit of foam on his tail, and it was a real mess. Under the foam we found blood, a bit of infection, dirt, and dead skin and we initially thought he was going to lose his tail. Fortunately, there was just enough blood flow, and the vet thinks he should be able to keep his tail. He is on a course of antibiotics to help fight off any infection.

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