Socks & Tigger Get A New Home

Socks & Tigger

Socks & Tigger

We moved to Las Vegas in January 2011, and after moving we were lonely.  We lost both of our girls (15.5 and 16.5 years old) during the previous 18 months, and we knew it was only a matter of time before we adopted new babies.  We found out that HHAS did adoption stuff at PetSmart, so 1 week after being in Vegas we stopped by.

We looked at, held, petted, and generally loved up every single cat at the event that Saturday.  But when we heard the story of Socks and Tigger, we had to take them both home.  Brothers (same home, not the same litter), who were adopted as kittens from HHAS, then returned 2.5 years later due to financial issues.  We knew we couldn’t let those 2 get separated, and adopted them both on the spot.

Bobby Sockers (Socks) and Frankie Blue Eyes (Tigger) have been in our home now for 8 months, and we could not have gotten more lucky.  They are the most loving babies, and they remind us just how truly blessed we are.  I am so glad that we were able to adopt these 2 together and give them the best home we could.  HHAS did a wonderful job during the adoption, and they took good care of these boys before we ended up with them.

Thank you HHAS for taking these 2 in and keeping them safe until their new mom and dad (us!) could get them home!

Corey and Lori

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