Three New Kittens in the “Foamed” Litter

SierraIn my last post, I promised pictures of the three new kittens from the litter that was foamed into the wall. In between constant cleaning, litter box changing, feeding, and medicating, I finally managed to get their pictures together, so here we go…

Sierra was the first kitten that was rescued from the apartment complex. Only her paws were covered in foam, but that was enough to let us know this wasn’t going to be a “normal” rescue. The president of Happy Home Animal Sanctuary, Amber Snethen, took Sierra back to the sanctuary with her and began coordinating the rescue effort with the rest of the volunteers. She was reunited with the rest of the litter a few days ago, so we could get her to the vet appointment with the rest of the kittens.

Sierrra started out as a bit of a shy girl, unlike her brother Floyd who has similar markings but is quite an outgoing character. Now that she is settled in, she is beginning to show her true personality. Generally a calm kitten, she has moments of pure joy when she discovers a new toy or simply decides to pounce one of her unsuspecting litter mates…

Butterfly Next we have Butterfly, who was trapped while roaming around the infamous “foamed” wall. She was fortunate enough to avoid the foam. She was in the care of, Maryanne, another volunteer at the sanctuary who does a lot of foster work. We decided to reunite her with the rest of the litter at the same time as Sierra, so she could go to the vet with everyone else. Besides… the more the merrier, right?

As you can see from her picture, she loves to snuggle, and can really purr up a storm when she is nice and relaxed like this. Her play style is actually much like Sierra’s. She will often relax in a corner, and just when you start wondering where she went, she will rocket into action and pounce a wayward toy or another kitten.

LuckyFinally, we present Lucky, a sweet little thing who was very lucky to keep his tail! Some foam on his tail was reducing the circulation. After removing the foam and some dead skin, the vet determined that while the area was a bit beaten up and probably infected, there was enough circulation that his tail would probably be fine. He is currently on antibiotics, just to make sure we get rid of any infection that may have started to take hold.

Lucky, and his brother Ranger, are the only two all black kittens in the litter. He does, however, have little white “guard hairs” sprinkled around his legs and feet. We were a bit concerned about him at first, not just because of his tail, but also because he is pretty small and wasn’t interested in eating. That changed very quickly, and he can really be quite a little pig! Even after only a few days, his tail is beginning to heal nicely. He enjoys playing with his litter mates, but isn’t so much into the “pouncing” as some of the others.

You would think eight kittens would be enough, but we knew there was at least one more kitten at the apartment complex which we suspected was from the same litter. Last night, Kristina Wood finally managed to trap her. She was reunited with her litter–now nine strong!–late last night, so I don’t have any pictures yet. She’s absolutely adorable, and looks like a mixture of all of the kittens combined into one. I’ll have pictures for the next post, and maybe I’ll try to take some “action shots” of the kittens playing after feeding time.

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