Two More Kittens from Apartment Complex

Happy Home Animal Sanctuary continues to trap at the apartment complex where the six kittens were found foamed into a wall. We’ve been out there multiple times every week, but progress has been slower than we would like. Many of the remaining adult cats have shown remarkable savvy avoiding the traps, and every day that passes without catching them increases the odds of them creating more kittens. Frustrating!

Two new kittens from the apartment complex.We did manage to get two more kittens from the complex. Both are males, between three and four weeks old. Currently, they are being kept in the same foster home, but separate from the other nine kittens, until we’re certain they are completely healthy. As you can see in the picture, they are still pretty small. The one on the left actually has a white blaze which extends across his entire belly. He is also sporting white “mittens”. The one on the right is mostly white, with some dark grey/black markings.

They are currently eating solid (wet) food, but we’re supplementing with kitten formula. In a week or two, after they gain a little more weight and start feeling a little less nervous, we’ll give them a bath, which both desparately need! Right now, their white furr is dingy and grey with dirt. Can’t wait to get them nice and clean! It may sound funny, but after you give a kitten a bath, they really do act happier and more “bouncy”.

These little guys are dangerously cute, as all kittens are, but we’re starting to get a bit crowded at my place. I certainly don’t mind having them here. This is, after all, something I enjoy doing. The dilemma is all of our foster homes are bursting at the seams at the moment. Of course we’re happy when we manage to catch more kittens, but our feelings of joy are always tempered with the reality of simply running out of room.

We really need more foster homes. If you feel you are in a position to help, please feel free to contact us and we will let you know what is involved and discuss how you might be able to help out. Even better, try to meet us in person at our PetSmart adoption site any weekend from 11am to 4pm, so we can talk about what is involved face to face. We think you will find fostering to be a very rewarding experience!

Next time I’m going to talk a bit more about the original nine kittens. Several of them may be ready for adoption very soon, and I’m pretty excited to talk about who might be ready and how they are all doing!


Two More Kittens from Apartment Complex — 2 Comments

  1. I really appreciate y’all rescuing the kitties, and documenting it for us. It’s great that your narrative is well-written, interesting, and also spelled right!
    I graduated from Western High School and UNLV, and have been back to visit a couple of times, so this saga caught my interest. I now live in Colorado, and have two kittehs of my own.

  2. i adopted two of the foam kittens and it was the best thing i ever did!!!!! they give more love than you could ever imagine!!!!!! i have had them 6 years now and wish i could have more,maybe someday when i retire and move out of the city. we left las vegas 4 years ago and came back to my home in nebraska. the foam kitties went to snow kitties….haha. they are indoor cats but i let them put their paws into the snow and they got right back to the door to come back inside….i don’t blame them, i don’t like snow either. thank you happy home for all you do for these pets. Linda

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